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Monologue topics for Unit 1

Food and Nutrition/ Sport andPhysical Activity

▪ Do you think you lead a healthy lifestyle? Do you think your diet is varied and healthy enough?

▪ What kind of food should a well-balanced diet include?

▪ Is thereany food you don’t agree with?

▪ Do you think Spain has the best cooking in the world, or is it a cliché?

▪ Do you like food from other countries? If so, which one do you like the most?▪ Can you cook? If so, what’s your speciality?

▪ Do eat out very often?

▪ Do you think a vegetarian diet is better than a diet that includes meat? Why (not)?
▪ Are you intosavoury dishes or do you have a sweet tooth? Both?
▪ What do you like eating when you’re starving?
▪ Do you feel good about your body? Why (not)? Is there anything about you would like tochange?
▪ What do you think is more important in order to be fit, exercise or diet?
▪ Are you worried about putting on weight?
▪ Do you think people are too obsessed with their figure?Why that might be?
▪ Do you think it should be put the same emphasis in physical education as in natural sciences, maths or English at early ages?
▪ Do you do any sport? Are you any good?▪ Do you think the average Spaniard is more of less healthy/fit than the average European citizen?
▪ Do you think people with an unhealthy lifestyle (obesity, smoking, alcoholism, sedentarylifestyles…) should carry with higher healthcare costs than those who lead a healthy life?
▪ Men are more and more concerned about their physical aspect: body creams, body waxing (hair removal),gyms, hair loss prevention… Do you think it is a good thing or a sign of frivolity?

Family and personality

▪ How important is your family to you?
▪ How much of a family-person are you?...
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