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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2011
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Girl 1 Follow me, you see that wall over there?
Girl 2 Yes I see it, what about it .
Girl 1 Over that wall is the way home, oncewe’re on the other side we’re free. Do you see the tree beside it, the one with the over hanging branch?
Girl 2 Do you think im blindor what?
Girl1 Don’t play smart! Just listen up, Im going to distract that nun over there, I’m gonna make her think I sprained my ancleright before her eyes, and whilst im doing that, you climb up that tree and hop over the wall. You got it?
Girl 2 What if somebodysee’s me? What will you after that? Who’s gonna distract the nun for you?
Girl 1 We only have one chance at doing this right. Once yourover and I see that, I’ll get up and pretend I was just playing, the nun might be a little angry, but I’ll just play along and say I’msorry. Once your on the other side, you sit down against the wall; you don’t move until I’m able to join you ok? I won’t be to long.The only thing is, how can I get a moment when no one will be around to spot me?
Girl 2 You can wait till the other girls go fortheir supper, you can hide behind the garden shed, and then just slip out when no ones around, it’s easier that way because you’ll be aloneand harder to spot than if you were with me.
Girl 1 That’s some clever thinking, everything is going to go well, I can just feel it.
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