Dia en el chopo

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  • Publicado : 1 de noviembre de 2010
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day at El Chopo
It’s a Saturday morning, the only day of the week this kind of spectacle can be seen, a flea market made only for the lovers of Rock and Roll and it’s ramifications. Getting thereis quite an odyssey , having to travel in the Mexican train system at 6:00 am when all the working people and college students travel to accomplish their daily routine, but its worth to stand thestress and bad mood of the other passengers to get there, besides it’s the only way to avoid getting stuck in the traffic in Mexico City.
Once there everything changes, there’s double, if not morepeople than there was in the train. But they are different, they are friendly, they are not stressed, they go there to escape the everyday life. Its like entering another dimension, where differentdecades clash together to form a perfect union. Unlike the outside world, money has little or no value here, trade is the main currency. The smell of incense, cigarettes, spray paint and weed impregnatesthe place, some conversations can be heard, a Punk argues with a Metalhead about which band is better: The Ramones or Iron Maiden, a Hippie and a Boy from the generation X talk about the awesome “trip”they are going to take later on. A long haired guy wearing a black “The Doors” shirt black leather pants and some old converse tells to a guy with aviator shades, a “Jimmy Hendrix” shirt, a pair ofjeans and combat boots, how unfair it is for him to trade his “Queen” t-shirt for a “The Faces” CD, but he still makes the deal . While walking in this labyrinth of black T’s, CD’s, and posters theday goes by fast and the sun sets, two Goth girls kiss, some Rude Boys share their booze with some Greasers.
Suddenly everyone gathers at the back of the flea market as if they were being dragged bya spell. An amateur band stand on an improvised scenario, and plays “All Apologies” they talk to their public who doesn’t seem interested at all. They play a couple more songs and leave, now is...
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