Diabetes mellitus

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Comment: Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic and degenerative disease of great importance in Mexico.

Presented by Dra. Maricela Perez-Oropeza, Internal medicine, Hospital Regional La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico. October 17th,18th, and 20th of 2006 University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA

This Material is part the “Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment for Diabetes and Hypertensionin Mexico: Implications for Iowa Health Care Providers” Seminar. Sponsored by the Wellmark Foundation, The UNI Iowa Center on Health Disparities and the UNI Iowa Center for Immigrant Leadership and Integration.

Diabetes Mellitus: A World Threat The prevalence of diabetes will increase 35 % 135.3 to 299.7 million Predictions: •A birthrate decrease will lead to the aging of the worldpopulation. •During the next 50 years, the number of people of 60 years of age or older will triple, increasing from the current 606 million to almost 2,000 million by 2050.
Diabetes Care 21:1414-31, 1998

Comment: Diabetes has been recognized as a health threat worldwide. Its prevalence is estimated to increase 35 % between 1995-2025 due to a decrease of birthrates and the aging of the world population. 10.76% of the adult population 5.5 Million diabetics 6 million people with abnormal fasting blood glucose (110-126 mg/dL) THE PREVALENCE OF DIABETES MELLITUS IN MEXICO (ACCORDING TO THE ENSA 2000)
*ENSA: Encuesta Nacional de Salud, The National Health Census

Comments: The prevalence of diabetes in the Mexican population is estimated to be close to 5.5 million diabetics between the ages20-69 or 10.7%

The impact of Diabetes in Mexico
Patients with : Visual disorders, 45% Renal failure, 30% Hypertensive, 65% Diabetic Necrobiosis, 15% 2,700 000 1,800 000 3,900 000 900 000

The direct cost (Hospitalization, medication, medical care, etc.) as well as the patient and family’s out of pocket expenses (transportation fees, time, etc.) are between 100 and 330 million dollars peryear. It is estimated that the cost only for medical care per diabetic patient is around 52,000 dollars.
Estimations according to the OPS/OMS Programa de Acción de Diabetes, Mexico 2001 (Diabetes Action Program)

Comment: Diabetes is an important cause of amputations of lower body members resulting from a non-traumatic origin, as well as blindness and kidney failure. Retinopathy, It is estimatedthat 50% of diabetic patients will suffer from this disease after 10 years of being diagnosed and 80%after 20 years of being diagnosed. 35% of patients with diabetes type 1 will suffer from kidney failure after 15-20 years of being diagnosed and 15% of patients with diabetes type 2 after 5-10 years of being diagnosed.

Regional Comparison of the Prevalence of Diabetes According to the ENEC 1993and ENSA 2000 Map 1: ENEC 1993 National:8.2% Map 2: ENSA 2000 National: 10.9% greater than or equal to 140 mg/dl greater than or equal to 126 mg/dl
Source: ENEC 1993 / ENSA 2000/ CNVE/ SSA *ENEC: Encuesta Nacional de Enfermedades Crónicas or National Survey of Chronic Diseases *ENSA: Encuesta Nacional de Salud or National Health Census

Comment: According to the National Health Census (ENSA) of2000, diabetes is frequently seen in some northern states like Coahuila with a prevalence of 10% and Nuevo Leon 9.7%. The lower prevalence was found in San Luis Potosi 5.4%, Chiapas 5.2% , and Oaxaca 4.8%, where the majority of the cases were Women by 53%. In this slide we can see the prevalence of diabetes and how it has increased among the Mexican population according the numbers of the NationalSurvey of Chronic Diseases of 1993 and ENSA of 2000.

Comment: One of the risk factors associated with diabetes is Obesity. *Clip Art taken from : www.ceacuu.org

The Prevalence of Obesity and Excess Weight in Mexico
Comment: Again, according to ENSA, 2 out of 3 Mexican Nationals are overweight or suffer from obesity with an estimated prevalence of 24.4% in the year 2000.

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