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256A680 REV. A 495 Printed In U.S.A.


The 100-watt output of the basic Model PA300 was designed to drive asingle high power speaker. However, the essential difference between models is that the PA300*012-NY can drive one or two 11-ohm impedance, high or low power speakers. When two speakers are used they mustbe connected in parallel. B. MANUAL CHANGES.
Control Cable Wiring Diagram.

The following changes should be made to the Model PA300 Installation and Service Instructions (Part No. 255A198). 1.Page 2. Change the following paragraphs, as shown below: Frequency Range 800 to 1800Hz

and may be installed in any convenient location; on the roof, fender, behind the grill, etc. Any special mountinginstructions applicable to the type of speaker you have selected will be found in the speaker carton. Using 18 gauge wire, connect the speaker leads (58W speakers to SPEAKER LO POWER and 100Wspeakers to SPEAKER HI POWER) as shown in the Control Cable Wiring Diagram (new). 3. read: E. Page 7, Paragraph 4-3.E. HI-LO. Change to

Operating Current (14.0Vdc-WAIL) 1 Low Power Speaker 2 Low PowerSpeakers 1 High Power Speaker 2 High Power Speakers Voltage Output (approx.) 1 Low Power Speaker 2 Low Power Speakers 1 High Power Speaker 2 High Power Speakers 2. read: A.

5 amperes 10 amperes 10amperes 15 amperes


45Vp-p 40Vp-p 64Vp-p 60Vp-p

This function is not available on the Model PA300*012-NY. 4. Page 7, Paragraph 4-4. HORN/SIREN SWITCH. Change to read: The HORN/SIRENswitch, located on the left side of the front panel, activates the peak-and-hold sound (down) in any position except radio. The air horn function is not available on the Model PA300*012NY. 5. Page 8,Paragraph 4-6. PRESS AND HOLD FUNCTIONS. Change to read: PRESS AND HOLD FUNCTIONS Selector Switch Position Manual

Page 4, paragraph 3-3.A. Speaker. Change to


The unit is designed to...
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