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  • Publicado : 21 de diciembre de 2010
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Joaquin: Hello , can i help you?

Jesus: hello , yes please. I´m looking a ball.

Joaquin: what kind of ball want?

Jesus: Ilike a football ball
How much is that ball?

Joaquin: it’s $20 dolars

Jesus: it’s very cheap

Joaquin: What color you like the ball?

Jesus:I like a black or blue ball

Joaquin: Would you like see something more?(le gustaria ver algo mas)

Jesus: no, thanks. Bye.


Jesus: Hello Joaquin , how are you?

Joaquin: I’m good . thanks. How has been your week? I mean, do you go last week?

Jesus: yes, I’m wentto the mall plaza vespucio last friday.

Joaquin: really? Me too. I went to the mall plaza vespucio by some shoes.

Jesus: i went to the mallto buy clothes formal and I bought shirts, a tie and shoes.

Joaquin: see you later because I’m slowed down to the work

Jesus: see you latertoo.


Joaquin: Hi I want to register in this gym
Jesus: hi. Good , you have to answer my questions

Joaquin: ok. I right.

Jesus:Do you make exercise?

Joaquin: yes, I make exercise.

Jesus: how often?

Joaquin: four times on week

Jesus: what play do you play?Joaquin: I play football

Jesus: what is your favorite sport?

Joaquin: my favorite sport is football

Jesus: what is your id number?

Joaquin:TU RUT

Jesus: what is your name?


Jesus: ok, thank you. It’s your gymcard

Joaquin: thank you very much.
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