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3rd “C”



Waitress: Hi, welcome to our restaurant.Customer: Thank you very much.
Waitress: How many people are there?
Customer: Just the one.
Waitress: Just one person, ok. Smoking or non-smoking?
Customer: Non-smoking please.
Waitress: Come along andhave a seat right here.
Customer: Thanks.
Waitress: Here are your menus and a glass of water.
Waitress: Can I get you something to drink?
Customer: Mmm I was wondering about this wine actually.What’s your house wine?
Waitress: Our house wine is this red wine right here and it’s 10 dollars.
Customer: Oh, I think I’ll have a glass of that actually.
Waitress: Just a glass?
Customer: How muchis it for a bottle?
Waitress: 10 dollars.
Customer: Oh sorry. Yeah I’ll have a bottle then, thanks.
Waitress: Can I take your order for an appetiser?
Customer: Mmm I quite like the look ofseveral of these. Now the melon, does that come with anything else?
Waitress: The melon? It just comes with some garnish But it’s pretty much just plain melon with garnish and some whipped cream.Customer: What would you recommend?
Waitress: Well I really recommend the fries. They’re quite good and they come with cheese and tomatoes and some chile on top.
Customer: Oh they sound nice. Ok, I’ll havethose thanks.
Waitress: Are you ready to order your meal?
Customer: Yes I think I’m ready now. I think I’ll have this vegetable goulash.
Can you tell me, is it vegetarian?
Waitress: It is,actually. It’s all vegetarian but it does come with cheese.
Customer: Oh that’s ok, I eat cheese. Do I get any with it?
Waitress: It comes with a side order of rice or potatoes.
Customer: I’d like riceplease.
Waitress: Ok.
Waitress: Did you enjoy your meal?
Customer: It was delicious, thank you.
Waitress: Can I get you anything else?
Customer: Oh, I’d like to look at the desert menu please. Mm...
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