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Tigre: Hi, my name is Luli. I’m the queen of the jungle. I’m very popular, everybody loves me and everybody wants to be my friend, but all of them are so losers. I have just one BFF, hername is Puky.
Pajarraco: Hi ! I’m Puky, BFF’s Luli. She is so pretty and popular, I love be her BFF. Everybody is so jealous, because we are so cool, but they can’t be our friends, because they are solosers.
Tigre: Yes! This jungle is so loser, we deserve to be in a better place.
Pajarraco: I agree with you.

Perro: Oh! This is the high jungle, it’s so pretty.
Rana: It’s a nice place to live.Perro: Yes, but the students are bad animals.
Rana: Do you want to see the high school?
Perro: Ok .

Tigre: Ugh! What is that?
Pajarraco: I don’t know, I think that they are animals, pooranimals.
Tigre: Duh ! I know that, sometimes you are so stupid. What are they doing here?
Pajarraco: Maybe they want to study here…
Tigre-Pajarraco: wuakjkjakdfhjhdfbfksdfg xd!
Calcetin: Hi, do youstudy here?
Pajarraco: Yes. Why?
Perro: Because we are going to study here too.
Rana: We are going to be school partners (:
Tigre: WHAT?! Are you insane? What are you talking about?
Pajarraco:Yeah! This is a high school to rich animals.
Perro: We know that, but we won a scholarship because our excellent marks.
Tigre: So, you are nerds.
Calcetin: No, we aren’t.
Tigre: It wasn’t a question.Perro: however, we don’t care about you, we are here just to study not to discrimite
Rana: yes that’s true, let’s go Tommy
Rana: The teacher said that we should do a job
Perro: Yes,she said it should to be in groups of four animals..
Rana: But we are just two
Perro: We could tell to Luly and Puky.
Rana: Are you kidding me?
Pajarraco: Grr, we have to do the homework withthese nerds
Tigre: But we are not doing anything, they are going to do everything, queens like us don’t do homework
Pajarraco: Ok, I’m going to ask them… Hi Frog, hi Dog
Perro: Our names are Tommy...
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