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EMILIANO: Dania I’m hungry, Today let’s go to a Restaurant.

DANIA: It’s a good idea; I’ll invite Alfonsina, Mauricio, Daniela and Cesar
[cell phone is sounds]

EMILIANO: OMG! Is Mauricio’sbirthday!

DANIA: Did you forget? You are a bad friend, ok not, I forgot too. So let’s celebrate today with our friends.

EMILIANO: I’m calling with Alfonsina, so she said, she is in Daniel’s houseand we can go out at 3 o’clock.

DANIA: Ok! Where? Cause I have to invite Mauricio and Cesar.

EMILIANO: Fine, she told me in VIPS.

DANIA: (by cell phone with Mauricio) Hey Mau, friend can yougo out with me, I have to do some shops and I need help.

MAURICIO: Humm ok, in Wall-Mart?

DANIA: I’m agree in thirty minutes, see you!

[By Restaurant]

MANUEL: Goog afternoon, you arewelcome, Can I help you?

DANIEL: I want a table for six, please!

MANUEL: In one moment, your waiter attends you.

DANIEL: Thanks

EVERYBODY: Happy birthday dear Mau!!

MAURICIO: OH god! Ithought you forgot it, I Love you guys!

EMILIANO: What’s up? Are you killing me? I never forget your birth!

ALFONSINA: Let’s order a soda or some like that,

OSVALDO: Hi! I’m going to serveyou, what I offer you?

CESAR: I want lemonade and a salad or cocktail something cool for this waiter please!

EMILIANO: I can’t decide because a jar of orange is more expensive than soda.ALFONSINA: Mmm… I prefer a juice is the most delicious.

DANIA: I prefer a dessert first, I want a cake please.

DANIEL: Are you crazy? The dessert is the last, you have a problem. Well for me a juicetoo. What do you want Mauricio?

MAURICIO: I want celebrate with whiskey

OSVALDO: Sorry but I can’t give minors alcohol.

CESAR: Haha poor of you, it´s your birthday but can´t buy whiskey yet.MAURICIO: Ha-ha you are so funny; ok so for me a cup of tea.

OSVALDO: Great, in one moment I bring your drinks!

DANIEL: Mauricio you are very older, No! Oldest I think

DANIA: And I am...
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