Diana de wales

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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Diana of Wales (Diana Frances Spencer)

She was one of biggest people in the world history, their works and memories last and they are transmitted all over the world. She always impelled charitableworks and she helps for neediest people.

She was born in Sandringham in 1916, their parents were Edward Spencer, viscount of Althorp, and one of those of the fourth baron of Fermoy, during theirchildhood used to play with the children smaller than the queen Isabel II, Andrés and Eduardo; and she finished their studies in Switzerland in the schools of Riddlesworth Hall and West Heath.

Aftera long time and of culminating their studies completely, she left to work as teacher of a garden of children, she went there where she took contact with the real family again; after this, at thelittle time she announced their marriage with the prince Carlos, successor of the throne of England and prince of Wales, with which had two children: The prince Guillermo and the prince Enrique. In 1981her and the prince Carlos got married in the cathedral of London.

After their marriage and performance towards their citizens left making very popular in the entire world, making that its presencein the media is massive, so much was the world interest toward her that one could know all its personal life, for the years 80 were murmured about the crisis that suffered her marriage, makingpublishes in 1992, after four years of legal conflicts for the divorce, they reached an agreement in 1996 presented by the prince Carlos; for this reason she received a considerable sum of money; but she lostthe treatment of real highness. When separating, after a time, it contracted sentimental knots with the Egyptian magnate Dodi al Fayed.

In spite of her separation with the prince Carlos shecontinued with charitable works of social help, achieving this way to be wanted by their people. In a persecution that was taken for journalists to their car, she lost the life in the streets of Paris...
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