Direct current circuit design

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Direct Current Circuit Design


Within electrical engineering, a DC circuit (Direct Current circuit) is an electrical circuit that consists of any combination of constantvoltage sources, constant current sources, and resistors. In this case, the circuit voltages and currents are constant, independent of time. A particular circuit voltage or current does not depend on the pastvalue of any circuit voltage or current. This implies that the system of equations that represent a DC circuit do not involve integrals or derivatives.
If a capacitor and/or inductor is added to aDC circuit, the resulting circuit is not, strictly speaking, a DC circuit. However, most such circuits have a DC solution. This solution gives the circuit voltages and currents when the circuit isin DC steady state. Such a circuit is represented by a system of differential equations. The solution to these equations usually contains a time varying or transient part as well as constant or steadystate part. It is this steady state part that is the DC solution. There are some circuits that do not have a DC solution. Two simple examples are a constant current source connected to a capacitor and aconstant voltage source connected to an inductor.
In electronics, it is common to refer to a circuit that is powered by a DC voltage source such as a battery or the output of a DC power supply as a DCcircuit even though what is meant is that the circuit is DC powered.


What are the things I need to consider if I wish to control a circuit without the use of any semiconductors?Hypothesis

The things that I have to consider if I wish to control a circuit without a semiconductor are:

The voltage that passes through the circuit is not too great or too lowConsider the effectiveness of the circuit
Watch about the resistance of the resistors that’s is not to great about the voltage


The hysteresis of...
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