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Safety Information
DANGER! Avoid Powerlines! When following the instructions in this guide to install and connect the satellite antenna and connections, take extreme care to avoid contact with overhead power lines, lights and power circuits. Contact with power lines, lights, and power circuits may be fatal.


Before connecting theDSS® receiver, read the Safety Information that came packed with the DSS® receiver.

Outdoor Dish Antenna Grounding

The outdoor dish antenna used to receive satellite signals and the cable used to connect the outdoor dish antenna to the indoor receiving unit are required to comply with local installation codes and the appropriate sections of the National Electrical Code (NEC), especiallyArticles 250, 810 and 820. These codes require proper grounding of the metal structure of the outdoor dish antenna and grounding of the connecting cable at a point where it enters the house (or other building). If you are having a professional installer make the installation, the installer must observe installation codes in making the installation. The DSS® System Self-Installer’s Kit containsinstructions on how to make the installation in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). If additional local installation codes apply, contact local inspection authorities.

Compliance with National Electrical Code

Before installing the DSS® System, check the electrical code guidelines in your area.


Before installing your dish, check the zoning codes, covenants andcommunity restrictions in your area. Some rules prohibit installing large satellite dishes, but may allow small ones. Also, there may be restrictions in your area that limit the mounting height of dishes. If you encounter homeowner or community restrictions, call 1-800679-4776. Personnel at this number can provide information that may be helpful when attempting to obtain permission to install a DSS®system on your property.

DSS® is a registered trademark of DIRECTV, Inc, a unit of Hughes Electronics Corp.

Universal Accessories
D940EXP 2nd Room Kit
With one digital satellite system, use the D940EXP 2nd Room Kit to view the same programming in another room. And, control your receiver with the Universal Remote included in the kit. Easy to install, your kit includes all the necessaryhardware: Signal Sender System - Converts infrared (line of sight) signal into radio frequency (goes through walls). Digital Satellite System Universal Remote - Keep your original remote with your Digital Satellite Receiver and use this remote in the 2nd Room. Preprogrammed to work your receiver and 4 additional components. 100 ft. Coaxial Cable - Used to run from your Digital Satellite Receiver toyour 2nd Room TV.



3 ft. Coaxial Cable and Two-Way Splitter - Used to connect your primary and secondary TVs to your receiver.

ANT200 Amplified TV Antenna
Connect your Digital Satellite System Receiver to the ANT200 Amplified Antenna and begin receiving your local network stations. The built in A/B switch makes it easy to switch between satellite stations and your local programs.With its unique design, you can boost your UHF/VHF TV signals for improved broadcast reception.


4995 7995

D916 Wireless Phone Jack System
This handy device lets you turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack instantly. Use it to make the telephone connection to your Digital Satellite System Receiver. Easy to install in just minutes!


D903 In-Line Amplifier


2495Amplifies incoming signal for best picture when installation requires long coaxial cable runs. (For Indoor Use Only)

Made of durable steel, the D915 Chimney Mount allows you to mount your Digital Satellite System to any size chimney.


Control your Digital Satellite Receiver from any room. Just plug it in! The Remote Control...
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