Discurso festival de la voz

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SCOPE OF LAWS AND REGULATIONS Types of Competition An international competition is one that may include the players of more than one Association. An international match is a match between teams representing Associations. An open tournament is one that is open to the players of all Associations. A restricted tournament is one that is restricted tospecified groups of players other than age groups. An invitation tournament is one that is restricted to specified Associations or players, individually invited. Applicability Except as provided in, the Laws (Chapter 2) shall apply to World, Continental and Olympic title competitions, open tournaments and, unless otherwise agreed by the participating Associations, to international matches.The Board of Directors shall have power to authorise the organiser of an open tournament to adopt experimental law variations specified by the Executive Committee. The Regulations for International Competitions shall apply to World and Olympic title competitions, unless otherwise authorised by the Board of Directors and notified in advance to the participating Associations; Continental titlecompetitions, unless otherwise authorised by the appropriate Continental Federation and notified in advance to the participating Associations; Open International Championships (, unless otherwise authorised by the Executive Committee and notified in advance to the participants in accordance with; open tournaments, except as provided in Where an open tournament does not complywith any of these regulations the nature and extent of the variation shall be specified in the entry form; completion and submission of an entry form shall be regarded as signifying acceptance of the conditions of the competition, including such variations. Handbook 2009-2010

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3: Regulations for International Competitions The Laws and Regulations are recommended for all international competitions but, provided that the Constitution is observed, international restricted and invitation tournaments and recognised international competitions organised by unaffiliated bodies may be held under rules laid down by the organisingauthority. The Laws and the Regulations for International Competitions shall be presumed to apply unless variations have been agreed in advance or are made clear in the published rules of the competition. Detailed explanations and interpretations of regulations, including equipment specifications, shall be published as Technical Leaflets authorised by the Board of Directors and in Handbooks forMatch Officials and Tournament Referees. EQUIPMENT AND PLAYING CONDITIONS Approved and Authorised Equipment The approval and authorisation of playing equipment shall be conducted on behalf of the Board of Directors by the Equipment Committee; approval or authorisation may be withdrawn by the Board of Directors at any time if its continuation is found to be detrimental to the sport. The entry form orprospectus for an open tournament shall specify the brands and colours of table, net assembly and ball to be used; the choice of equipment shall be as laid down by the Association in whose territory the competition is held, selected from brands and types currently approved by the ITTF. The covering material on a side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be of a brand and type currentlyauthorised by the ITTF and shall be attached to the blade so that the supplier and brand names and the ITTF logo plus the ITTF number (when applied) are clearly visible near the edge of the striking surface.
Lists of all approved and authorised equipment and materials are maintained by the ITTF Office and details are available on the ITTF web site.

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