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High-Tech Workforce Initiative Externship Letter of Interest

Name Tomas F Uribe
Date March 12, 2008
College and Program Glendale Community College & Phoenix Community College Industrial TechDepartment

Externship Title: Developing Architectural - artistic products while linking CAD to CAM

Desired Start and End Dates: 06/02/08 to 07/18/08


I would like toparticipate in the manufacturing process from design to prototype creation of an architectural product such as a truss support . Collaborating with CAD engineers during the design phase, I would  haveexposure to real-world applications and could apply my expertise and designer skills to help complete a project. I would like to help translate the design  to CNC programmable software and helpmake the prototype, using mainly programmable  plasma cutters, and possibly  a lathe, a mill, a laser jet cutters or even waterjet cutter. 

This experience will allow:

High school students[1],vocational Tech students[2] and college students enrolled in the Industrial Technology program to have qualified information and full perspective of a design/manufacturing project present intheir curriculum. .

Firms to integrate during the internship a designer to its workforce with the objective to integrate and replicate the process to a potential skill work force. Expandknowledge and procedures to a potentially qualified audience.

With an demand for technician with fundaments in drafting manufacturing and production as stated on the Competing with TalentReport[3], the needs for instructors with across the board training and skills will enhance students ability to understand the different stages involved in the industrial production. Above allconsideration the most important one is the creation of a online learning module capable of  addressing  the confluence of three dimensional drafting and CNC.

Potential Student or Program...
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