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Rosemary Nieves

English 101- Composition 1

Section 028

Final Draft: Personal Narrative

Debonair Oates-Primus

February 17th 2011

A friend in the distance

“Many people enter and leave your life but only true friends leave footprints in your heart”. A true friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, with you in yourachievements and your failures, celebrate your joys, share your pain and will never judge you by your mistakes. It all started one morning when I was in the warm surroundings of the brown painted school where I studied. I was walking very slowly, and suddenly I see this girl with long black hair, brown skin and very thin sitting on a red chair in the courtyard. Since I am a friendly person I didn’t thinktwice; so very slowly I got closer to her.
I stared at her, and ask, “What is your name?”
“My name is Jailene,” she answered, with her brown eyes, chubby cheeks, and delicate voice. “I am a new student to this school and I have no friends”.
I sat next to her, and smiling right into her gorges brown eyes told her, “I want to be your friend.”
Looking at me very intently with a smile from earto ear, she added, “Of course I would like to be your friend.”
At that moment, I realized that Jailene was a humble and brilliant person for her way of answering. I thought fast that it was a great idea to get to know her and help her.
One day we were sitting in the green and wide chairs of the school, and I asked her so excited, “Do you want to go to my house to finish homework together?”Without thinking she accepts. “Yeah, sure, I will be glad to accept your invitation.”
Then we walked the deserted streets leading to my house. When we reached my house, I opened the door and entered the great and comfortable living room for the whole family. By coincidence, my parents were sitting in there watching TV. I stepped to where they were and with enthusiasm I presented them my newfriend Jailene.
My mother Rosa smiling slowly said, “Hi; Jailene, It’s a pleasure to meet you, I hope you feel at home with us.”
And Jailene respond “It’s my pleasure to meet you, Rosa.”
My father Willy on the other hand with a serious face insisted to her to stay and eat with us.
Jailene smiled with his chubby cheeks and said loudly, “It will be a pleasure for me to eat with you and yourfamily.”
So we all sat down at the big brown table at the kitchen and we began to eat.
That week I began to get to know Jailene more and talked about every little thing with
her, such as simply asking our likes and dislikes, talking about our families and school, and we also had a random question of the day, which could be about anything. She is from the Dominican Republic and I from Puerto Rico.We have very different pasts, but many things united us. Jailene and I began to spend time together, and each day that we spent together was better for us. Virtually, Jailene was part of my family and vice versa. We have been through many things together; happy, bitter, and sad moments that made us think about many things; and see life differently. When I spend time with Jailene, I felt that timewas flying and that we were the only two in the world of wonders. We did everything together; I remembered that there wasn’t a free weekend without her. All parts of the city of Philadelphia were visited by us. Jailene is the perfect and honest sister I never had. She is always very aware of me and watched me all the time.
Until one day we were in my room sitting in my comfy bed and eating somedelicious cookies that my mother prepared, Jailene told me crying, “I have to tell you something very important, but I don’t know how you going to take it.”
” With my red and worried face I respond to her, “Tell me what happened?”
Then she got out of the bed and stood beside the window of my room. And while looking very calm at a beautiful tree outside my house; she gave me the bad news that...
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