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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2010
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Vi-Pro Plus for Canine Distemper (PetAlive)
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* As an oral homeopathic vaccine to immunize your dog against Canine Distemper and other viralinfections * To protect against Distemper infection during a known outbreak * To treat active Canine Distemper under veterinarian supervision Product Details Canine distemper is a highly contagious,extremely serious viral disease which occurs in dogs and other wild canids (e.g.. foxes, wolves and coyotes), raccoons, skunks and ferrets. It is an airborne virus, which affects the respiratory,gastrointestinal, and central nervous system of the animal. Puppies between three and six months and elderly animals are particularly at risk. There is no doubt that Canine Distemper is a serious illness.According to conventional veterinarian treatment, about 50% of dogs that contract it will die. Those that survive will often be left with debilitating conditions like permanent digestive problems,neurological problems, seizure disorders, deformities of the paw pads, etc. According to conventional veterinarian science, Distemper 'cannot be cured' and treatment is supportive only. Vaccinationprograms against Canine Distemper have made this viral illness less common in recent times. However, holistic vets point out that there are serious concerns about the wisdom of routine vaccination and itslong term effect on the health of pets. Homeopathic vets have managed to treat Canine Distemper far more successfully than their allopathic counterparts. Using Distemperinum in homeopathic potency,both immunization of dogs as well as recovery rates in infected animals has proved to be highly successful. There is a wealth of evidence that this is the case and one can only wonder why allopathic...
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