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Strangely---neutral---extrañamenteSuddenly---neu---de repente

B…complete these statements with adverbs from part A to make upcreative sentences
I was walking down the street when,…
It started out as a normal day, but,…
We were on our way to the party when,…
A: I was walking down the street when, Unexpectedly, itstarted to rain.
B: Or, I was walking down the street when, Suddenly, I found twenty dollars!
A: Yo andaba abajo la calle cuando, De improviso, esto comenzó a llover.
B: ¡O, yo andaba abajo la callecuándo, De repente(pronto), encontré veinte dólares!
Writing A short story:
A…Write a short story about something that happened to you recently.
Try to include some of adverbs from exercise 5.I was visiting the coast last year when, Unexpectedly, I got a chance to go kayaking. Fortunately, it was a perfect day and I was having a great time. The water was calm and I was beginning to feel alittle tired when, Suddenly,…
Yo visitaba a la costa el año pasado cuando, De improviso, conseguí una posibilidad para ir kayaking. Por suerte, esto era un día perfecto y yo tenía un gran tiempo. Elagua era tranquila y yo comenzaba a sentirme un poco cansado cuando, De repente(pronto), …

I was visiting to my Grandparents in Guadalajara two years ago, when SUDDENLY we went to the store andSURPRISINGLY in this place we saw many people, with this people was my best friend, STRANGELY both were of vacations in the same place. But SADLY she returned to Zacatecas the next day. UNFORTUNATELYonly saw her for three hours.
I was walking to my school when UNFORTUNATELY I to fall down.
I was dancing in a party when SADLY I could not continued because I felt tired because UNFORTUNATELY I...
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