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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2010
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Tatiana Giraldo
Writing assignment # 1
POLS 1101-216
February 16, 2010
Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicides have been a tremendous deal for decades among the people and the government ofthe United States of America. There are so many issues concerning our community in general about if someone has to suffer from incurable conditions of diseases; or they just one the pain to go away bytaking their own lives sometimes by the help of others such as medical or family support. For many states constitutions, that could be committing suicide, but that is where we take advantage of ourconstitution that refers to the right of privacy. Everybody knows that the U.S constitution is silence about this controversial matter, but there are certain types of amendments that guarantee underthe law of the constitution to choose when we want to die.
First of all, it is extremely crucial to know what are the rights that we have under the constitution. How euthanasia has been developedaround the country since years ago. The United States Constitution and the Supreme Court have been letting the states take the decision of whether or not to approve the legality of an individual to chooseto die. There were two states that had approved the physician-assisted suicide and those are Oregon with Death with Dignity Act in October 27, 1997 and Washington with the similar resolution passedin 2008 (American government & politics today: the essential pg 134). On the other hand, we have the majority of the states prohibiting Euthanasia under the general homicide laws. Also, there have beenso many cases of people wanting their own death because they are suffering so much, or they are in vegetable stated so they take their cases to court. For example, Washington vs. Glucksberg accordingto U.S Supreme court media Oyez, Gluskberg said that Washington prohibition of physician assisted suicide was unconstitutional because violate the fourteen amendment. Unfortunately, at the end nine...
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