Dota tutorial

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I - Overview

When exploring your Warkeys, you will see 4 buttons on the bottom, as well as, two check boxes to the right.

A quick overview of the buttons are as follows:

A - Align the hotkeys for all the units and buildings according to the grid, you have set up (see alignkeys or hotgrid)
B - Set the keys/strings/button positions to the default settings of the program (see defaultkeys)C - Change the text color of the letters on your hotkeys ( see changecolor)
D - Save your current configuration to the CustomKeys.txt in your Warcraft III folder (see customkeysfinish)
E - Force the hotkeys to coincide with the preset grid (see forcegrid)
F - Hide the current Hotkeys for the grid or Edit the String for the selected hotkey (see hidehotkeys)

II - The Warkeys Menu

Wheninitially checking out the menu for Warkeys, you'll see...

A - This is where you go to save your config, open your config, make a new config or close the program.
B - Here is where you can edit some of the settings of the program
C - This is where you can run the Inventory Remapper (see the AutoWarkey tutorial) as well as the Replay Centering Script (see replayscript)
D - This is where you canimport your configs (see saveconfig)
E - This is where you can access the help, check for an update or read the about.

III - Hotkey Grid

First, we lets go through how to initially set up your grid. Upon opening the program you will see the first two tabs on the left menu are Hotkey Grid and Learn Hotkey Grid. These grids can be the template for the hotkeys for all the units and buildings.In order to change a hotkey for a selected box, all you do is double click it and then select the new hotkey.

The top 8 icons in the Hotkey Grid coincide with the regular commands for units as well as the build commands for buildings.

Remember this when initially setting up your hotkeys (although later I will explain how change their position for your liking). The top for stand forMove, Stop, Hold, Attack. While the four under it represent Patrol, Attribute Bonus and Set Hero Ability.

IV - Learn Hotkey Grid

Now the Learn Hotkey Grid is very similar to the regular hotkey grid. The only difference is, well you guessed it, its purpose is to set hotkeys for learning spells, abilities, and such.

The top 4 boxes represent the skills that can be learned for a unit andthe last box on the right hand corner represents the escape hotkey to exit learning a spell or ability. The hotkey U represents the hotkey for learning the Attribute Bonus (primarily for DotA).

V - Aligning Keys Based On Grid Position

The purpose of this button is merely to apply the changes you have made in the Hotkey Grid to the all the units and buildings in Warkeys. After you haveselected the Hotkey and Learn Hotkey changes you want, simply click the "Align Keys based on grid position."


Which applies your hotkeys setting to all the units, resulting in something like this.

VI - Set Keys To Default

The purpose of the Set Keys to Default button is reset the Hotkeys, Button Positions, and Strings. When you click the button you see...

A - Checking this resetsall the hotkeys you have set to the default which is QWER for the top four boxes in the Hotkey Grid
B - This resets any of the button positions you might have changed back to their default location (see changingbuttonpositions)
C - This resets any of the strings you changed (see hidehotkeys)

VII - Change Text Color

The purpose of this button is a bit self explanatory. This button changesthe color of the hotkey letters in the grid.

To change the color of the hotkeys merely click it again till satisfied.

VIII - Save To CustomKeys.txt

Now this is the button that brings all that nice hard work together for a finished product you can taste...err, see. Anyway, clicking this button will save a copy of your configuration to your CustomKeys.txt in your Warcraft Directory. MAKE...
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