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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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Draft Resolution 1.1
The North Atlantic Council,

Recalling the principles of NATO as a military and political organization,

Stressing the importance of diplomatic relations between NATO andNATO-related countries and the elimination of any conflict or tension,

Recognizing the necessity of countries to have access to means of energy such as gas in a peaceful and non-coercitive manner,Bearing in mind the importance of the Ukrainian population’s acceptance of it’s NATO application for MAP Status,

Noting with approval the past actions taken by Ukraine in order to fulfill it’sNATO membership and it’s willingness to become a part of the alliance,

Deeply conscious of the sovereignty of each nation and it’s right of decision inside it’s own borders,

Seeking Ukraine’sfurther incorporation into NATO,

1. Emphasizes the necessity to live up to the principle of solidarity so that when the issue of energy becomes a matter of discussion, every member and orNATO-related country’s stability is ensured;

2. Encourages the committee to take into consideration the following issues:

a. The fact that Ukraine’s political system must be based on democraticprinciples and a market economy;

b. The current situation with the Black Sea Fleet being stationed in Crimea, and given it’s present terms, the non extension of the agreement when it expires in2017, which will be achieved through the adoption of a new one, and therefore enable Ukraine to be considered for NATO membership, assessing the level of commitment Ukraine shows to meet it’s MAP statusrequirements and re-assess the possibility of it’s membership at that time;

c. The support of willing countries such as Germany and the United States to foster diplomatic discussions betweenRussia and Ukraine so they can resolve any political tensions over their common border;

d. Ukraine’s military power and it’s ability to respond to the military requirements of NATO;

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