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2. Character analysis:

a) For me the main character is Rita, who is a simple woman 26 years old with a great sense of humor, who only wants to learn and know everything about literature, wants to feel and understand poetry and literature, a strong woman that doesn’t care what people say about her and her age doesn’t stop her of learning and expressing what she thinks, kind, lovely person, awoman with a view of learning, dedicated woman, that wants success once she begins something finish it, perfectionist and very friendly, says the truth and has an open mind comparing literature with real life, she is insecure about what some people from other class will think about her, she didn’t care if people didn’t agree with her she will still go for it, nothing stops her, honest, a womanwho wants to change instead of being a typical woman married with job wants to learn everything she couldn’t when she was a child, responsible and likes to look good and have style and help people to look good.
b) White, blond hair, height like 1.65 m, curly hair, skinny, good looking, her costume I imagine quite weird and unique like lots of accessories and dresses really exaggerated and color,her education and way of talking, writing isn’t good at all because she doesn’t even have education, she is a hair dresser in a salon, she lives with her husband Denny which they used to had a good relationship before she started with the tutoring stuff, she seems not to have so much friends because she doesn’t mention them and she has a good relationship with her mother, she has a unique styleand for hobby she loves to read, learn and study literature.
c) Her status is 5 high because she’s the main character and its all about her so at the beggining she is just a girl without education and you can see how she is changing everytime she gets to frank’s office and how at the end when she is educated stops being because they concentrait more in frank so his status in the play begins togrow up like his life and how he really cares for Rita
d) She is the main character and in the conflicts she is always the main reason in achieve her education and how conflicts during that process of learning happen with frank her tutor how their friendship and how their feelings and not just the education develops, their point of view differences make them start conflict between them butalways the literature being part of it because of their way of looking at things with that big part of them for their favorite thing literature.
e) Julia Roberts because I think she could play an excellent role as Rita because she has this charming character and way of acting and expressing herself and also the insecurity in herself she is a great actress.

3. Your opinions:

a) In myopinion is the last scene because like it reminds you how she used to be and how she has change in many aspects how she has grown from being uneducated to educated and successful in what she wanted to become even when she lost her husband and a lot of complications with frank happened she at the end thanks frank and gives him what he deserve her atenttion because I think frank actually fall in lovewith her and she express herself how she is thankfull and how she appreciates everything he teach her, because she thought it was a waste of time like a few scenes earlier that he only wanted her like as a company and that he didn’t teached her anything but at the end she realizes the first thing he teached her was the only thing that matter at the end and how he helped her to see literature in away that nobody could appreciate and realize and he gives her to read his poetry that he wrote and how she express it all what she thinks and appreciate what frank become to her a great teacher and how he educated her made her grow really, she speaked in a very emotionally way that she couldn’t wait to tell him all those things that were in her mind in a very happy way with a lot of humor like as...
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