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(You see a young man of 17 years old being surrounded by many high school girls at the entry of the school) …My name is Sean Lautner (smiles while walking into the building) I am very popular in this school, they call me the “Prince”. Every girl in this school wants to be my girlfriend, but I (makes a very deep serious expression) will never fall inlove with a woman. Huh? (turns, and sees a very hot guy, whom in a blink of an eye gets surrounded by girls too) Who is he? (Stares at him)

Chapter 1: The begin of the beginning
(Sean walks to the classroom door, suddenly the boy who he saw earlier pushes him away, but he, Sean, holds his balance with his feet)
Sean: …You did that on purpose. Have a problem with me? Who are you?
…Someone you don t wanna mess with, you stupid brat. (Smirks, and keeps walking towards his desk). Name? Andre, and that’s it, I won t bother telling you anything more about me (stares at you (the reader)) now beat it.
*All the girls talk about Sean and Andre*
Girl 1: My God both of them are so damn hot!
Girl 2: KYAAAH!
Girl 3: I have a perfect name for him!
Girl 4: Which one?
Girl3: We ll call him “The Bishounen” *smiles, while blushing* He has an angelic look, and besides he seems to be a rebel; scary but at the same time sexy!
All the girls: KYAAAH! PRINCE AND BISHOUNEN! The two hottest and single guys in school *all blush and looks at both Andre and Sean*

…The bishounen? Tch! Gotta be kidding me.
................*Sean walks by the school halls, and suddenly sees Andre punching a guy against a locker*
Sean: Hey! *Grabs his arm* what the hell you re doing?
Andre: Can t you see? Punching, this guy ´s face.
Sean: And you say it so calmly?! *pissed off*
Andre: You wanted an answer. I gave it, now buzz off, before I shrove your tongue behind your throat---- *Sean punched Andre* Heh. *wipes the bit of blood onhis lips*
Sean: …. *Does a defense position* Listen, I won t let an asshole like you, beat other kids for your own personal matters.
*Andre laughs out loud*
Sean thinks: What the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he mocking me?!
Andre: …You ´re going--*Punches him in the face, making him hit against the floor* down!
Sean: Bastard! *stands up, and kicks him, but Andre dodges* What? *Looks atAndre s left hand coming right to his stomach, but Sean blocks it with both hands* Don t underestimate me!
Andre: Same goes for you! *Turns, and makes a back flip, landing behind Sean* …this is boring. *Walks away*bye.
Sean: ?! *runs up to Andre, Andre stops, and turns* don t you make fun of me!
Andre: you really are a pain in the ass.
Sean: What was that? Allright. I think we ll have to doplastic manual surgery to your face*
Andre: Hope you can afford that surgery *sticks tongue out* LOSER.
Sean: Agh! *They re both about to punch each other, but suddenly a young beautiful girl interrupts them with her voice*
Sean and Andre: Hm? *Turn in slow motion, both make their eyes go wide open, and have a total shock expression on their face as they see the girl s face*
Suzan: Excuse me, canyou tell me where is Classroom 5-1? *Smiles*
….This girl!

What is this? A mysterious aura spreads around these three? Who is this woman?
To be continued in Chapter 2: A bishoujo ,and two bishounen?

…This girl!

Chapter 2: A bishoujo and two bishounen?
…This cannot possibly be!Sean: Whoah. If I date this girl my status will grow, and more girls will want to hang out with me.
Suzan: O,O Eh?
Andre: ….
Suzan turns , and sees Andre staring at her with cold eyes: Umm..excuse me--*
Andre turns his face and leaves* Huh?

….Women are all the same… (goes to a soda machine, inserts bill, and takes out a orange...
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