Drugs problem

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An approach to drugs
You may think that ending a problem is simple. This is the thinking of thousands of mexicans who join to the unwarranted cause.Mexico has no culture, education neither organization to take such a radical change as the legalization of drugs. Many believe that legalizing them, would solve some problems, but it would be aminority and also would increase of irresponsible manner of part the population within the meaning of health.
Some people believe that legalizing drugs would bring the demise of drug trafficking andcorruption of politics in our country, that will exist a quality index in production, would lower the rate of violence in the country that has been disastrous recent years, that the government limits theaccess to them because it is a restriction personal freedoms that every individual has, that legalize them would be so easy as in the United States and Holland, and finally by legalizing them, theconsume would decrease dramatically because people like to do the forbidden.
The drugs should not be legal, because people does not have the training neither the correct structure to enter a new stage,so this decision will mainly affect the person who consumes them, as well as the surrounding society , because instead of eliminating a problem , it would become more serious; we should think thatlegalize drugs is not the only solution to end with the economic and social problems afflicting our country, we must also take into account the great harm caused by these substances, both physical andpsychological for all our lives.
There is evidence that we cannot have self control, because we know that even legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco are for adults, minors get it in the stores withoutany problem, that those substances cause social problems; that violence will not decrease, because the majority occurs when a person is under the influence of drugs (alcohol, marijuana, cannabis,...
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