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In pharmacology, a drug is any biological feedstock that directly or indirectly used for drug development, and is called to active substance responsible for the pharmacological activity of thedrug. The drug can be any plant or animal whole body or part thereof, or derivatives of them by various methods which have a chemical or chemicals which provide a useful pharmacological treatment.Inistintamente This term is often used to designate it as the corresponding terms in pharmacy active ingredient, drug and medication, either by extending the concept or because the literaltranslation of the English word drug, which does not distinguish between the three concepts.
The classification of drugs as the effects they produce central nervous system is the most widelyaccepted classification system at present (compared to the distinction between hard and soft drugs legal or illegal).

According to him the different substances could be classified into one or more(drug combination) of the following categories:

* Central nervous system depressants or PSYCHOLEPTICS: inhibit the functioning of the central nervous system, slowing nerve activity and rate ofbodily functions. Among the effects that are relaxation, sedation, drowsiness, sleep, analgesia and even coma. Examples of these substances, the form the alcohol, various types of opiates (heroin,morphine, methadone, etc.), and certain psychiatric drugs (egg benzodiazepines or barbiturates, etc.).

* Stimulating or psycho analeptics: produce a general activation of central nervous system,leading to an increase of body functions. A distinction between major stimulants (such as cocaine or amphetamines) and lower (such as nicotine or xanthenes: caffeine, thane, the bromine).

*Hallucinogens or psychodysleptics: also known as troublemakers. [Citation needed] They produce a state of altered consciousness, distorted perceptions and evoke sensory images without sensory input....
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