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Los Caligaris is a rock band formed in Córdoba, characterized by the fusion of genres such as Ska, the Quartet, cumbia, reggae, etc.. Had its origins in 1997, founded by brothersMartin and Diego Pampiglione were changing their formation to the release of their debut album "Perfect in-law" published in 2002, which included a song that would lead to popularity, first in theprovince and then throughout Argentina, "Nobody's perfect."
In the work of the band were always involved major figures in the Argentine rock and make an explosion, Intoxicados, Pipo Cipolatti and "Superman"Troglio among others, also have the support of comedians as "Cacho" Buenaventura and the "Black Alvarez" the latter participates in one of the songs on the band's fourth album, "Not what it seems."In 2009 released their fifth and final album at the moment, "Perspiring Joy", initiating a series of recitals throughout the country.
This currently includes thefollowing members:

Agustín Cuadrado: trumpet;
Armando Mansilla: percussion;
Diego Pampiglione: drums, vocals;
Gabriel Onandía: bass;
Juan Carlos Taleb: vocals, guitar, vocals;
Lucas Balceda:trombone;
Marcos Ozamis: sax;
Mariano Baigorria: guitar;
Pampiglione Martin: vocals, guitar, vocals;
Ambrosi Mauricio: percussion and accessories;
Valentine Scagliola: keyboards, accordion and vocals;Discography
Perfect in-law (2002)

Dear Miss
I pray to God, fall in love
Do not give ball
A second Kiss
What I'm ugly
Poor me (hymn tothe mother)
Preso Sin Tu Amor
Go wash your feet
Pancho, the microbe
To you
Nobody's perfect
Total Fat (2004)

Let's play in the woods
My three loves
Solo is bestThe dizzy
Where I left the blank?
My B-flat
Ode to fernet
Forgive me my love
What do you believe it?
Chocolate ice cream stick
Two old men
Q Morena
My smile and...
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