Due date (resumen)

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Due Date

Due Date is a funny movie where a man called Peter Highman needs to cross all thecountry for the birth of his baby, but in this travel Peter cross too with another person that make this travel on a chaos, this person isEthan Tremblay, Ethan and Peter travel together by car and they get some disadvantages and troubles. Ethan went to Atlanta for the funeral ofhis father, all the travel the ashes of the Ethan’s father are kept in a can of coffee, Peter try to travel alone, but the ashes ofEthan’s father stayed in the car so the car was turned back by Peter for looking for Ethan. In this travel Ethan and Peter make a stop in ahouse of a Peter’s friend, in there the rest of the Ethan’s father was made coffee by Darryl (the Peter’s Friend). The rest of the Ethan’sfather were supposed to be in a coffin and not in a can of coffee. Later Peter was stop in the limit with Mexico and in there a truckwas stolen by Ethan for rescue Peter, and then they stop in the Grand Canyon for leave the rest of the Ethan’s father, but in there Ethantold to Peter about that he have his wallet, Ethan was supposed to tell him before, at the end Peter arrive to the hospital at time with ainjured leg, because a bullet was shot to the Peter’s leg. At the end Ethan and Peter are friends and Peter starts to love Ethan.
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