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Declaration export
The shipment authorization request must be filed or processed at the customs office having jurisdiction where the goods are situated through the Customs computer system ormanually, in those administrations which do not have this, after obtaining of clearances and authorizations except clearances or permits issued by the ICA or NVIMA or entity in lieu thereof, to be presentedat time of shipment of goods.

When either manually processed should fill out the form completely and submit machine to the competent customs, the purpose of verifying the grounds for no acceptanceonly those tax and customs authorities with jurisdiction for the management of customs clearance can be given the export declaration
An export declaration form is a document that is presented toCustoms prior to export of goods.

This document is used by the office to collect all taxes and fees, and also used to provide statistics to government

The company that fills an exportdeclaration form must provide information such as:

Details of the goods, quantity, price, origin
Destination country and entity receiving the merchandise
Exporter Details
Statement signed by the exporterCargo Manifest
Official document required by the customs authorities of all countries of the world, those who exercise the controls of international cargo shipments of import and export

How tofill a cargo manifest:
Marks of Nationality and registration
Flight No.
Point of loading
Point of unloading
Air waybill number
Number of packages
Nature of goods
For useby operator only
For official use only

The single administrative document (SAD)
The implementation of the single administrative document had the following essentialCharacteristics:
1. To ensure openness in national administrative requirements. This openness constitutes the basis for any progress and simplification.
2. Rationalization of and reduction in...
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