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  • Publicado : 6 de mayo de 2010
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{draw:frame} Ecology* Project International *Chosen* as ‘Cause of *the* *Week*’ *on* Popular *Website
Ecology Project International (EPI) was chosen among numerous entries for “Cause of the Week,”and was featured on the blog of non-profit guru, Joanne Fritz. Fritz is the non-profit expert for, part of the New York Times Company.
Commenting about EPI’s “beautiful website,” Fritzsays, “It is inspiring to see young people experience and understand nature.”
Each week a cause, or organization, is chosen by Fritz and written about in her weekly blog.
Missoula-based EPIcurrently operates experiential conservation education programs in Costa Rica, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of Montana and Wyoming. Duringthese courses, students learn science in a hands-on setting in some of the most unique places in the world, and contribute to conservation projects with scientists to address issues threatening keystonespecies and native habitat.
Most EPI participants are local Costa Ricans, Mexicans, and Ecuadorians, joined by others drawn from around the world to collaborate with their peers in culturalactivities and science research. EPI is the only organization that partners local youth with researchers to collaborate on conservation projects.
Students take part in real-world scientific efforts toimprove conservation in areas unique in terms of biodiversity – sites that are frequented by thousands of international tourists each year. With EPI and research teams, local youth protect and monitorLeatherback sea turtles; restore native habitat for the giant Galapagos tortoise; collect data on whales and other marine mammals to create a conservation zone in Mexico; and help with land managementand wildlife monitoring in Yellowstone. Teachers of the students learn experiential education methods, to enhance scientific learning in their classrooms.
The idea behind EPI was born when EPI...
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