Ejemplo de párrafo narrativo descriptivo en ingles

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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I visited Dubai the last year and I like this place a lot. This wonderful city is the most expensive and beautiful city in the world. Everything is expensive in Dubai I think thatthis is because many owners of petroleum and rich people of different countries around the world live here. Also, each day hundreds of tourists visit this place for their great beauty. I was happy beingin Dubai, here I could see amazing sites as great hotels and modern restaurants that offer a varied menu of services of high quality. Beside, Dubai has constructions that are unique in the world. Forinstance, here is located burj khalifa the tallest building of the world and many others expensive projects like the famous artificial islands, mainly La Palmera Island which is an icon of modernengineering and skyscrapers with exuberant designs, sizes, and colors that give Dubai an outstanding aspect. Dubai has a mix of cultures, races, religions, languages, costumes, and traditions of all theworld of which I learned many things. People here are kind and very friendly, and they always attend in a very special way to the visitors. Also, I had the opportunity to share nice moments with themand I could enjoy the variety of delicious foods and drinks of different parts of the world that there are here. This experience was very exciting for me because In Dubai there are a lot of interestingactivities to do. For example, when I went to this city I practiced various acuatic sports such as surf, water-skiing, and rowing. I visited interesting sites of entertainment such as stadiums,museums, cathedrals, theaters, movies etc. And I participated in excursions, parties, and fairs among others adventures. These moments have changed my life in so many wonderful ways, I feel that this placehas awakened my passion and admiration for the architecture also it has inspired me for make nice drawings. In short, Dubai is a wonderful city where there are many things to enjoy and live an...
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