Sensibilidad gustativa a la feniltiocarbamida
en poblaciones mayas
Julieta Aréchiga Viramontes
y MercedesMejía Sánchez
ABSTRACT: The results of a study of the ability of various Mayan indigenous groups to perceive thetaste of phenylthiocarbamide (ptc) are presented. The many forms of this perception occur with differentfrequencies, which in various world populations are almost analogous to blood factors. This allows us to characterize agiven population more precisely by taking genetic factors into consideration. It was found that the Chujes(male and female) of the village of Tziscao show the lowest percentage of non tasters of ptc; they are followed bythe Chontals, Tojolabals, and finally the Chujes of San Mateo Ixtatan. This shows that the greatest variationin this characteristic is observed between Chujes of these two villages.

RESUMEN: Se presentan los resultadosque se obtuvieron al estudiar en varios grupos indígenas mayas la capacidad para percibir el gusto de lafeniltiocarbamida (ptc). El polimorfismo de dicha percepción muestra diversas frecuencias en las distintas [continua]

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