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Type the plural form in the boxes below and change the verb form.
For example:
This car is new. These cars are new.
That girl goes to my school. Those girls go tomy school.
1. This orange is very nice.

2. That student writes well.

3. That house is near the beach.

4. This book belongs to George.

5. That dogbarks all night.

6. That computer is old.

7. This lesson is very difficult.

8. That person sings badly.

9. This exercise is easy.

10. This manworks at my shop.

• Write have or has :

Choose the correct answer:
1. My dog have /has a long tail.
2. Thecoffee have/has milk in it.
3. They have/has the correct answer.
4. The flag of Israel have/has a star on it.
5. I never have/has a clean room.
6. Thehouse have /has a lot of furniture.
7. The water have/has a bad taste.
Fill in the blanks with: have / has

1.- My parents a beautiful house in the city.
2.-I a fantastic apartment in Toronto.
3.- My father a new job.
4.- My brother a lot of friends.
5.- They an English test tomorrow.
6.- This woman sevenchildren.
7.- We a lot of money.
8.- They an ugly monster.
9.- My cousin a new girlfriend.
10.- The pupil an old pencil box.
11.- You a different name.
12.- Myteacher glasses.
13.-We beautiful flowers in our garden.
14.-Jane five new English books.
15.-I an expensive sport car.
16.-They a big villa not far from thebeach .
17.-My sister a lot of dolls in her room.
18.-My father a computer in his office.
19.-Sandra and I five pets .
20.-My mother a pretty orange bag.
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