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La licuadora fue inventada en 1922, luego de varios experimentos fallidos, se popularizó con los años y la competencia entre las marcas, llegando a convertirse en un éxito en 1970, año en que se vendieron 29 millones de unidades.
Esta máquina sirve para triturar frutas, legumbres y otros alimentos. Consta de un vaso que tiene unas cuchillas capaces de girar por medio de un motorseparado al que se asegura el vaso y que permite que se triture la sustancia a licuar, generalmente acompañada de agua u otro líquido, los que se reducen luego de poner en funcionamiento el aparato. Con el paso de los años estas máquinas han variado de acuerdo a buscar mayores potencias y para la multiplicidad de labores. Aparatos derivados de ellas colman los mercados con opciones de trituraralimentos congelados, azúcar y otros, convirtiéndose en una nueva gama de subelectrodomésticos.

The blender was invented in 1922, after several failed experiments, became popular over the years and competition between brands, becoming a hit in 1970, when it sold 29 million units.
This machine is used to crush fruit, vegetables and other foods. It consists of a glass that is capable of rotatingblades using a separate motor which ensures the glass and allowing the substance is ground to liquefy, usually with water or other liquid, which reduces after putting in operating the equipment. Over the years these machines have varied according to seek greater powers and the multiplicity of roles. Devices derived from them, fill the markets with options to grind frozen foods, sugar and others,becoming a new range of subelectrodomésticos.

Rafael Fernandez de Bobadilla and Ragel born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) in April 1901. Entered the Naval Academy in 1916 with the use of Ensign, serving on ships Laya, Bold, Maria de Molina, Clay and Cartagenera.

In August 1923 he joined as a student at the Submarine Base and, after completing the course, he was appointed commander ofthe 2nd A-3 until March 1926 that, because as Lieutenant, took command of the submarine A-1. In April 1928 this leaves the command ship for the Naval Warfare Course, rising to an end, in October 1930, the Submarine Flotilla of El Ferrol, as Chief of Staff. In April 1931, as Lieutenant Commander, took command of the C-3, which will cease in April 1933 to pass the General Staff of the Naval Base inCadiz.

In February 1935 he joined the Submarine Flotilla Cartagena as Chief of Staff in April 1936 and returned to the General Staff of the Naval Base at Cadiz, where he was surprised the National Uprising of 18 July 1936, actively participating in events.

In November 1936 the Italian destroyer embarks on Pigafetta who moved, along with other commanders and officers at the Naval Base at LaMaddalena in Sardinia. During his stay in Italy made several battle cruisers in the Italian submarines Topazzio (CC Caputti), Glauco (CC Baslini) Berillos (CC Pratto) Millelire (CC Ginocchio), Ettore Fieramosca (CC Bartalesi), Serpente and Pietro Mica. He was constantly coming and no rest between missions, with 87 days at sea and more than 600 hours of immersion.

On 20 April 1937 in the waters ofCabrera (Balearic Islands) took command of the submarine General Mola (ex-Archimedes), with whom he begins a series of battle cruisers and attack traffic on the Mediterranean coast and the Strait Republican Sicily. During these operations the ships sinks canyon Granada and quick, and torpedoes to vapors Cabo de Palos and Hannah (Holandés), laden with war material. Fernandez de Bobadilla hadaccepted the command of this ship, despite being warned that if attacked, the Nationalist Government could not respond to them as officially "exisitían not. This happened when, against Barcelona, held out for two hours the depth charge attack two British cruisers of the Committee on Non-Intervention. He made about 50 days of surveillance to Cartagena, the base of Republican destroyers and fast boats...
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