El amor en los tiempos del colera

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  • Publicado : 4 de junio de 2011
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Claudia Malagón

To eating so healthy and nutritious food does not have to be a torture. On the contrary, eating a balanced diet will give you more power and is the best guaranteeof a long life.

The food is an activity necessary and vital for every human being, covers biological needs, psychological and social.

A healthy food is obtained with a balanced diet. Clearlydiet as the set of food and cymbal consumed in a day and not the regime to lose weight or treating certain diseases.

a food recommended should take:

• To take food from all groups in thequantities necessary for each person and according to the different stages of life.

• That be varied to that are consumed all the nutrients, and It has avoid monotonous.

• It must be to tasteof the person and in accordance with their customs.

• Eating with restraint of all food for the diet be complete.

There are four food groups
1. Cereals: is a group that gives youenergy: bread, pan, rice, grazes on, etc.
2. Fruits and Vegetables: Group that gives you vitamins, minerals and fiber.
3. Meats and Seeds: Group which brings proteins: beef, chicken, fish,eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, lentils, etc.
4. Fat and sugar: is a group from energy: bread, mayonnaise, sugar, deserts, ice cream, honey, etc.
All food must be consume daily in adequatequantities and depending on sex, age, physical activity and health status.
Is important at time to feed:
• The 3 main meals must be as healthy as possible, including in each fruit and vegetables andrespecting a schedule.
• Its important to choose the rations of cereal, bread, rice or pasta versions in the comprehensive and without fat.
• Its important to reduces the fat avoiding foodssuch as: sausage, certain cuts of meat (rib, loin, chest, grinding, pork, goose, duck), cheeses, fritters and desserts.
• Is impotant to varied the meal not eat always the same fruit or...
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