El ateismo

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  • Publicado : 9 de agosto de 2010
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Is atheism a religion? I think the atheism is a religion.

Atheism is the absence of theism, of belief in a God or gods. Atheism is broadly defined as any absence ofbelief in deities, but can also be the explicit view that there are no deities, or the rejection of theism as being immoral, meaningless, incoherent, unwarranted, or false. [1]

First of allthe atheism can be considered a religion because the atheism is something in what the people believe and in the world exists people that are atheist and they think that is them religion.However, the atheism cannot be considered by a religion because the atheist doesn´t believe in the fact of god or someone that is more than them.

Then when a person doesn’t believe insomeone it’s considered atheist and when a person is atheist is because his religion is the atheism.
However, we cannot consider atheist to everyone that doesn’t believe in someone, those peoplecan consider themselves as person without beliefs and not as atheist.

Finally the atheist is not the person that believes in Satan as his god, is a person which doesn’t believe that issomeone bigger than him and that is his religion, the religion of not believe in anyone. An atheist person is considered as an evil person because he doesn’t believe but the atheist believe,believe that there is no god, that the human is the biggest thing in the world and that god doesn’t create the universe because he didn’t exist.
However if the person has a religion, he hasto have someone in what he can believe, and if the person doesn´t believe in god or in Satan or in something like that, this person cannot have a religion.

So the atheism can beconsidered by a religion because the people believe in the atheism. They think that god doesn´t exist and they believe in something but not in someone.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atheism
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