El hombre mas rico del mundo

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Daily activities at work
Good evening, Mr. Skyscraper´s daily routine at work. First of all, when he gets to work, he says good morning to his co-workers. Then he checks in his attendance and goesto his office. Next, he turns on his computer, checks the duties for the day in the agenda and gives instructions to the employees. After that, he has meetings with other architects to coordinateactivities and deal with problems of the business. Except that, he also checks the mail, e-mails and reads reports. In Addition, he makes national and international calls. He usually gets out of work at4:00. Before leaving work, he writes pending or new duties for the next day in the agenda, turns off the computer and other electric appliances. Finally, he checks out his attendance and say good bye tohis workmates.

In regards to his professional duties as an architect, he usually:

Designs all kinds of buildings schools, skyscrapers, hospitals, churches, train stations etc


Makes a cardboard or plastic model of the building

Supervises the construction company t make sure that the building is built according to the plans

Makes sure a building is safely designedAssists the owner in coordinating with a surveyor, geo-technical, government agencies and others

Interprets data received and assists the owner with gaining any final approvals such as a changein zoning

Applies building codes

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Talks to the client about expectations, project requirements on budget

Analyses the design brief and the buildingsite conditions, and determines the best location and orientation

Compares the concept design drawings with the design brief and develops the technical detail for the project with the project teamWorks with the builder and other project team members to insure that the project is constructed in accordance with the drawings and specification

Makes construction ideas for building such as...
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