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A paragraph is a unit of speech in written text that expresses an idea or an argument, or reproduce the words of onespeaker. Consists of a set of sentences that have some thematic unity or, without one, are set together. A component of the text in its appearance begins with a capital letter and ends in a paragraph.Includes several related sentences on the same sub, one of which expresses the main idea.

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1 Features
2 Types of paragraphs
3 Separation of paragraphs
4 Paragraphs in HTMLCaracterísticasEl paragraph consists of one or more sentences:

Main 1.Oración: paragraph consists of a main clause that can be easily distinguished in that it incorporates the bulk of whicheverything else depends. You may then say that the main clause has an essential meaning of the paragraph. The main clause can appear in the text implicitly or explicitly. When the main clause is implied,does not appear in writing at the paragraph and it is necessary to guess. In contrast, if we find it written explicitly and we find the beginning, middle or end of the paragraph.
2.Oracionessecondary or modifier: Can be of two types of coordination and subordination. Are those that are coordinated together by conjunctions and has in itself a complete sense. Are subordinate to those that onlymake sense in terms of another.
3.Unidad and consistency: is the common reference for each of its parts is, that the main clause as the secondary concern a single fact. Consistency is the appropriateorganization of sentences so that the contents of the paragraph is logical and clear.
In fiction, the paragraph is more abstract and depends on the technical configuration and features writer foraction in the narrative. The management of the different sentences within a paragraph is freer and more important, the phrase more narrative weight, may appear at the beginning, middle or end.

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