El planeta de los simios la revolucionj

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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Composicion sobre la pelicula: el planeta de los simios la revolucion.

alumna: María Inés Pérez Pérez.

Teacher: Jorge Borjoquez.15/Octubre/2011

Movie: Planet of the Apes revolution.
It's a movie where a scientist named Will look for a medicine to cure the effectsAltzhaimer disease, experience in monkeys with good results,but does not realize that the monkey in which you are applying the drug was mother and want to show gains to investors wanting to defend this little monkey lost his control, is on the defensiveandchaos breaks out and unfortunately kill the project is canceled.
The scientist is forced to take the monkey home to avoid being killed, and called Cesar. Scientist living in the house of his father whoalso suffers Altzhaimer is why the desire of Will find a medicine to help his father. Both realize that the little chimp is very intelligent by genes inherited by his mother, Will understands thatscientific breakthrough formula is effective for only a matter of improving it, so do it and apply it at his father who improvedincredibly. Time passes and the scientist decides to share with thelaboratory to improve the formula and accept, then decide to experiment with other ape older, getting goodrasultado, because this will develop your intelligence.
But by injecting the formula moves, and anassistant immediately sucked drug ProVac a bad flu.
Everything is fine but the father of the scientist you back the disease, goes out and climbsinto a car provided an accident, Cesar sees through thewindow when a neighbor knocks him out to be altered and so defend their animal instinct drawing and attacking theprotective human bites a finger, for that reason the police took him to an animalshelter deal with their reality and will now have to face his new life, the scientific struggle out of there, butwithout good response and which is considered dangerous.

In their environment...
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