Emerging topic or technology in health information

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Emerging Topic or technology in health information
Computer Security

U.S HealthCare system is going through a transitional stage these days, and part of the development of new technology has beenpossible by way of the Informatics. Computer security is part of this growth. Having in consideration that every data being protected is not only simple information; it is the reflection of a patientinto an informatics system. Computer Security has some essential elements, for instance, confidentiality, integrity and availability of data along with other elements are key at the time of makingany decision in order to assist a patient properly.
For the US Health system, it is an important tool that would help not only to the institution as the user of the technology but also to the patientwho is sharing valuable information. Computer security would increase the way of confidentiality and comfort to the patient knowing that his information is being used for the patient’s benefit. Somepeople are afraid that the information is going to be used for other purposes or the information could be lost or stole and would rather hide or keep that info themselves.

Challenges andopportunities exposed regarding the Computer security are in constant progress; that is why there are no limits in that matter. Computer security is a subject that needs constant checking by creating proactivestrategies as proper laws and procedures in order to be in front of possible threats. Computer security is applicable to many, if not all, of the branches and technology involved into the Health Caresystem, because it handles patient information that could be stole or misused.
Instead of looking for ways to improve the security system, it would be more beneficial to create a way or a system neverinvented before just for Health Care, a system that could give 100% security to the patients as well as the institutions, taking into consideration that only authorized people use the information...
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