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Introduction: Entrepreneurship
Kenya 2005

What is entrepreneurship?

The process of creating a business capable of entering new or established markets by deploying resources and people in aunique way.

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Who is an entrepreneur?

• A person who creates and manages
change by the recognition of opportunities (needs, wants, problems,and challenges) and develops resources to take advantage of the opportunity and creates a venture.

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Importance of Entrepreneurship

•Entrepreneurship is essential for the
economic development of every country

• Through entrepreneurship

new ideas and inventions are developed and this enables continual improvement of societies andtheir organizations

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Objectives of Course

• • • •

Teach you the global interplay of producers and consumers Teach you how to identifyopportunities in your community by looking at the needs and problems in your community Teach you how to manage the resources you have and to enable you to take advantage of the opportunities in yourcommunity Hopefully get you to be a producer !!!
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Organization of the Course

• 8 entrepreneurship lectures • A few visiting speakers •Entrepreneurship competition with a
cash prize!!!

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Student Groups
• • • • •
Students in the class will be required to form groups and choose a name for thegroup. Members of a group should sit near each other during the class period to facilitate discussions. Each group will consist of at least 5 students but no more than 7 students Students are requiredto choose a group with good dynamics
i.e. people who bring different abilities to the group

The purpose of the group is to facilitate group learning and team experience
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