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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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she is Chelsea the Monterrey is 16 years old is she likes to travel to different places but what he likes most is to go for a walk with her ​​friends as they will dance band but the music is reggaeton are shocked because they think that music is rude, they like to go out to eat carbide al pastor coffee that is more like the pageantry they like books very much in love and have pretty late,hobbies they like to be in as VIP Tours extremity usually like what they like to travel by plane as much adrenaline I feel like going to the metropolitan Museum and Panatela like to go out much at nightfrom 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm in the evening and enjoyed the wonderful visualization of the cathedral as seen very nice view pastimes that have performed at 2:00 pm and until 5:00 pm and it takes time.

shelikes the cold coffee
loves she breasts regents but does not like it hot
she likes to be on Facebook

She did not like when I was studying mathematics but now that he loves studying thediversions
do the housework do not like because they are so tired.
They play a lot of football as it is their sport like swimming favorite
she falls asleep at 11:00 pm because that's when he gets home aftera day of games with her ​​friends.
she goes out on the weekends with her boyfriend because in the week that this can not with her ​​friends but when comes to go to the movies to the park or touristsites
A lot of them like to be in the park as they can see the different people passing but dislike rain as it prevents frequent activities agan usually they are very close and whom much.
but thenthey have all solvable problems.
ella es chelsea el es monterrey tiene 16 años a ella le gusta viajar a distintos lugares pero lo que mas le gusta es salir de paseo con sus amigas ya que se van abailar banda pero la musica que les choca es el regueton ya que piensan que es musica grosera, a ellas les gusta salir a comer cabrito al pastor la el cafe que mas les gusta es el boato a ellas les...
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