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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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My Hero, a Paraguayan Hero
A lot of people talk all the time about the bad things. Naughty ideas in the government, terribleevents or poverty. But I think that not all is wrong because in spite of all, some people try to do the correct.

When you walk in themorning, when you take the bus or simply when you see through a piece of glass, you can see more that you can imagine. I believe inthe magic behind the children smile, into the old people eyes, in front to the sun.
Maybe I’m only a one dreamy more, sometimes I’mso pessimistic. But then I can live a small miracle and check it the good things are true.
In Paraguay, we have lot examples ofpeople that show us every day how we can do a Hero. My best example of Hero is my mom. She is a women, a professional person, she is awife, she is a mother, she is a daughter, she is a sister, she is a friend. I think they are lot responsibilities for only a oneperson, but she can. And the most surprising is that her always happy, good-humored and even helping human, animals and plants.Anyway, my mother is an anonymous hero, unknowingly. Perhaps is the mom essence. Only a really mother could give you so love, care youall the time and show you the right way.
My mom is undoubtedly, my hero in Paraguay and around the world.
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