English proyect basic ix

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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English Project

1.- F. Hello! Girls, how are you?
L. Hi, I’m fine.
G. I’m fine and very happy ..

2.- F. What are their names? What do they come?
L. My name is Liz and I from Lima.
G. Myname is Guianella and I come from Trujillo

3.- F. Are they friends? Where did you meet?
L. Yes we are friend now. We met in the bus. How was it?
G. we met on the bus, I just decided to take thistour to see new places, new people. and when I got on the bus I sat alone, then she came and together started talking about diferent music.

4 .-F. Why visit Cusco? What do you think?
L. I wanted tocome to Cuzco because it’s one of 7 wonders of the world, and is here in Peru, so is a great opportunity be here.
G. I’m going to be civil engineer and I would like to know more about Incaconstructions.

5.- F. What places have already visited?
L. We’ve been there a week, and we’ve visited many places such as Andahuaylas, where is San Pedro church, also Moray! It’s beautiful, there are saltwells. I love it! And what else?
G. since we arrived, We visited the Koricancha, the stone of 12 angles and the central square.

6.- F. You have visited many restaurants. And Do you like the food?L. Well … I tested Kapchi, it’s a soap, but actually I didn’t like it at all. It had mushrooms and I don’t like that.
G. To me if I like the food here, and I think it is the best in the world.7.- F. What about the hotel? Do you like?
L. Yeah, I really like it, It’s comfortable and there is Wi-Fi.
G. The attention is first

8.- F. And how are the people of Cusco?
L. People are veryfriendly and helpful; I think are better than in Lima.
G. But I see that here there are more tourists than locals.

9.- F. What places want to see?
L. We still have 1 week to visit more places, and wehaven’t visited Machu Picchu yet, so I think we’re very excited to go there. I want to take lots of pictures.
G. I like to go to Macchu Picchu too, and the buildings and because you have to go by...
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