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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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English Project

Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas


May 31 2011

A Short Film is an audio-visual or cinematographic production that lasts substantially less than the average time than a movie of normal production. Though a strict norm does not exist, a possible classification by time might be done thus: The duration of the shorts goes from less thanone minute up to 30 minutes. From an hour of duration they are considered to be full-lenght films. The kinds of the shorts include the same ones that those of the productions of major duration, but due to his minor cost are in the habit of being used to treat less commercial topics or in which the author has more creative freedom.

The accomplishment of shorts proliferates of eminently self-taughtform since it is not a definite kind in which they exist canons established. For this motive, called short it is a platform of impulse of the new visual canons. The transgression of the classic procedure of the cinematography has content in these small works. One of the big problems which there face the directors of shorts of a market defined for these works. There are still small the circuits ofcommercial exhibition of shorts in spite of that, on the other hand, and parallel, the contests and contests of this kind proliferate every year. Internet supposes increasingly a platform of diffusion of the short.

Audiovisual Production: The name given to every piece of communication where images and sounds involved, a media production can be performed for film, television, and theater,multimedia or simply to web sites. Make an audiovisual goes beyond just taking a camera to record some images, edit them, set them to music. Audiovisual production is an art and requires expertise, the acquisition and mastery of various techniques, ranging from the basics (which are a plane, sound ...) to more complicated concepts, such as assembly and times narrative. The producer of videos to keep inmind that an audiovisual project requires much dedication and work. The first thing to take into account a director before venturing into a production is to answer the following questions: What type of project? Eg: Documentary, Short Film, "Duration and reporting category? Eg Animated Short duration 10 min. "Target audience? What Resources? Eg technical, economic, human, among others. Onceanswered above, then it can be passed to the conduct of the project. An audiovisual project requires 5 steps for its implementation: Pre-Production Production Post-production and marketing and promotion of film distribution and exhibition.

From an idea from an idea, write a script. Its duration shall not exceed 20 minutes, if it is true that the ideal length for a short film is 15 minutes or less.The idea should not be too complicated or pretentious. It is better to have a simple story to embark on "Star Wars" in 10 minutes, with an unfortunate result. Why it is important that initial idea: a good script, a simple story, not more than 20 minutes. The importance of the script is good is not anything else but because a good script can do a good short or a bad short. It all depends on how weperform. However, with a bad script, we will always do a bad short (remember that the same applies to feature films). From literary script (like a play), will make the shooting script, which indicate the camera movements, the value of background, background noise, even when it comes to music.

Resources available: Once we decided the idea that we have, we should see by what means we (economic,technical and human). On the economic side, it is true that you can make short practically free. Without costing a penny. But since "short" We encourage people that if you have to spend anything, whether in food for friends who will participate in the film. At least. If the project becomes larger, then we must develop a budget, dedicating the game to which the investment is intended. For example,...
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