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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Read http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/drakes-best-headline-yet and write a reading report of three hundred words using times new roman 12, line spacing 1.5.
Find at least 20 new words and add themeaning of each one at the end.

This reading report is about an interview of a tattoo artist in L.A that makes a very Weird tattoo to a lady in her forehead that says “Drake”. When she enter to thetattoo shop she already had shaved her eyebrows and her forehead and nobody knows why
Until she explains to the tattoo artist “Kevin” that she wanted to get her tattoo on her forehead, he didn’t askher anything because he thought that “drake” was someone Important to her but when he realized “drake” was a rap singer that’s when he thinks
That tattoo is really stupid, Kevin explains that he askto her over three times if she was
Conscious about doing that tattoo and the answer all the time was “yes” she was really sure about it.
The employs on the tattoo shop asked her about who drake wasshe didn’t answer and just giggled.
Kevin explains that he´s not responsible about people doing tattoos over the hole body because it obvious that the women will have consequences about her foreheadtattoo, but he just do his work.
He didn’t feel bad about doing the tattoo, he´s nobody to tell someone if it is right or wrong, the only opinion that he has it was that it was really awkward tohave your forehead with a tattoo adding that the tattoo was really stupid.
Also Kevin added that, of all the tattoos he has done on people faces none of them were so famous over internet like the ladytattoo forehead was, he was really surprised.
At the end he describes the women like a “chola” because of her eyebrows shaved.
In the opinion I think is a really interesting article, interview toread because it shows how people has different ways to think and to express admiring someone.
Also I think is that before doing anything to your body even if it is a piercing or a tattoo you need to...
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