English tenses

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Simple Present

Subject + Verb + Complement
(Present Form)

In the affirmative form, ONLY the third singularperson you have to add the “S”. The third singular person: HE, SHE, IT
Example:She studies carefully He studies constantlyGenerally speaking, we can use the simple present to describe habitual actionsExample: She reads the newspaper everymorning.

We can use the simple present with frequency adverbs
Example:She always reads the newspaper.

Simple Past
Subject + Verb + Complement
(Past Tense)

The simple past is makingreference to past repetitive and habitual actions.
Example:We went for a walk on the weekends when I was a child

If we want to express a habitual action in the past of the life of a person, alsowe can use USED TO:
Example: They used to smoke many years ago....
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