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Use the following phrasal verbs ( hold off, hold back, hold out, hold it against, hold up, hit on, hit sth. off, hit back at) to complete these sentences:1. He made a mistake but I don't hold it against him, we all make mistakes.

2. She's a little older than we are but I don't think we should hold itagainst her. ok

3. I was holding back my feelings of stress and anxiety while everyone else was so calm. ok

4. If I told you I lost your money, would you hold itagainst me? ok

5. He tried to held out his tears while watching the sad movie, but he couldn't.

6. The police held off the violent crowd with tear gas.ok

7. Why aren't you eating your dessert? I'm holding out for the chocolate mousse.

8. Why on earth do you hold it against her? Forget about it. ok

9.We were hold back in the city centre by a huge traffic jam.

10. Although she didn't agree, she held back and didn't say anything.

11. The construction washeld off by bad weather.

12. I think we should hold back for a better price. House prices are beginning to rise again.

13. I really didn't hit off withhis friends. ok

14. When we first hit on the idea, everyone told us it would never work. ok

15. Kim and Pat were really hitting it off at the party,weren't they?

16. She says she has hit on a way of dealing with this problem. ok

17. In today's speech, the attorney general is expected to hit back at criticswho have attacked her handling off the crisis. ok

18.Tell me everything don't hold anything back ok

19. I hit off with Paul as soon as I met him. ok
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