Enlightenment in europe

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Enlightenment in Europe
For explaining the enlightenment in Europe and why and how it works there we can use one of the best sources, the “French Encyclopedia”. The enlightenment in Europe was likean ambitious project that began with the belief in progress. First of all in the seventeenth century this progress started when some poets start to define what is evil and started to question why ifGod is good why is there evil.
Then it come the new economic thought. First this new thought started with the free trade that was a new doctrine. This new thought said that to grow reach is the baseof wealth and that economy may be likes business and sell more that it buys. But this thought had an opposition when Tomás de Mercado said that “destroys this abundance and causes poverty is theexport of money” so in consequence governments along Europe started to evade impoverishment by hoarding bullion, limiting imports and exports, regulating prices, defying the laws of supply and demand andfounding empires to create markets for their goods that they could control. The consequences were woeful. Competitions for protected markets cause wars and consequently waste. Money drained out ofcirculation. These conditions which clearly inhibited economic growth were much criticized from the late seventeenth century onward. After this some thinkers of the University of Economics of Francecreate a new slogan which means “leave the market to itself”. Other thinkers agreed with this slogan, the thought the economy must not be controlled by the legislature. Then in 1776 the economic freedomtake place Adam Smith published “The Wealth of Nations”. In this book Smith base his thought in “the natural effort of every individual to better his own condition”, this idea became the base of everypolitical, economic and social systems. This idea means that any person would try to improve his economic, political and social situation for getting some benefits.
After this it came the social...
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