Ensayo en ingles sobre violacion y trata de personas

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2010
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They finally worry

Did you know that there wasn’t a law that punishes the crime of rape and abuse till nowadays?

Day a day,people in the whole world hear news about children, men and women that had been abuse or rape, and it isn’t something new, this kind of crime exist since always and Guatemala, in this case, never had alaw that punishes a person for committing a crime like this. But finally, after long fights, murders and victims, the government approved the 9th degree of 2009, which talks about all the punishmentsand sanctions for the criminals that commit any kind of personal abuse or rape to any person, no matter the age, culture, religion, sex, etc. It also guarantees that the government will protect and giveall kind of attentions to the victims. Thanks to this new law the criminals are going to be punished for their horrible acts and finally the victims will be help, and this is what the government hasto be more worry about because it is their people how are in danger and they had the obligation to keep us safe.

Rape is the crime of forcing someone to have sex by using violence. This is aserious problem not only psychological but also physically, it is almost always very dangerous to the body, because it can infect it with STD that can NOT get cure, in the act people are treated withviolence, women can get pregnant with a venereal disease and its leads to abortions that may cause death. And psychologically it leads to depression, serious traumatic problems in others.
Abuse isthe unfair treatment of someone in a violent or cruel physical way. It can cause severe damages to the body, like lose a part of your body, turn paraplegic, sometimes mortal illness or lessons that canlead to other problems inside the body. And all this treatment can also provoke traumatic problems, like be afraid of things, people, or places.

A part of the degree that is a big benefit...
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