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I´m going to talk about the biggest band that has existed in the history of music or at least to me… “The Beatles”
This band revolutionized the way to make music, which caused it to nearly 40 years after their disappearance remain in effect and still affecting millions of people.
The beginning
Like everybody knows, The Beatles beginning inthe city of Liverpool, England. There in Liverpool, in 1956 they met Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Paul was two years younger than John but quickly joined the group because he had great skill with the guitar. Shortly after, Paul convinced to John that leave get a friend in the group, George Harrison, who handled the guitar better than anyone.

The group they formed, called “The Quarrymen” anddoing small gigs in churches and schools for little money and lots of drinks. It was one of those performances where John met to his first wife, Cynthia Powell.

John had a friend, Stuart Sutcliffe; John convinced him to buy a bass and joined the group. Because he could not play the instrument, Paul was very annoyed because he wanted the group was "professional."

The group, with new drummerPete Best, changed its name to "Silver Beatles" in the end only ended in "Beatles". They got a contract for three months to travel to Hamburg. This experience helped refine his style; they came to play eight hours enduring fights drunks who frequented the places they played. In one of those fights, Stuart took a big hit in the head, two years later, would cause his death from a stroke.

Whenthey returned to Liverpool as professional musicians, were requested by the best local club, "The Cavern", a small, damp and full of smoke where they were the youth of the city. That's where Brian Epstein, who owns a record store, offered as a representative, which the Beatles agreed.

His new manager I searched in vain for a recording contract. After many attempts got an audition for a futurecontract, where they sang songs like "Three Cool Cats" and "Besame Mucho" but were rebuffed.

Finally got a pre-contract with record label EMI, George Martin, producer of the label, agreed to hear them... and also liked. Just put the condition that they change the drummer as well, with the help of Brian, got to Richard Starkey (the name change then by Ringo Starr), a very talented young city.They recorded "Love Me Do" and "PS, I Love You" which reached the number 17 in the charts. The Beatles were satisfied.

A little later came number 1 with "Please, Please Me." The fans grew. The Beatles gave their last performance in "The Cavern".

The LP "Please Please Me" (1963) was recorded in one session of 12 hours ending with "Twist and Shout" and the blessed voice of John.Beatlemania
The success of "Please, Please Me" gave them a success in Britain since late 1963, gave a concert at the London Palladium with the Royal Family. It was at this concert that John famously said: "This next song I want you all to join me. Those in the cheap seats to clap, others simply move their jewels." This was her first demonstration against the royal.

Then followed the album "Whit theBeatles" that included songs like "All my Loving" and "It Will not be long".

In December 1963, five singles were Top 20 and two albums filled the two top spots in the Rankings.

Were where they were, they were harassed by masses of fans and yet so were all the rage in the U.S. For this reason began to be broadcast by American radio and before long the single "I Want to Hold You Hand"reached the top of the Rankings. Upon learning of this new success toured the country. They appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" where they reached the largest audience gives the history of TV (73 million Americans were acting at the Beatles). They also offered concerts in Washington, Miami and Carnegie Hall in New York. Unfortunately, because of the cries and screams of the fans, the music was almost...
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