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Book Report

The main character is Hannah Swensen. She is a bakery owner in Lake Eden, Minnesota. She always has had a thing for solving unsolved crimes and somehow they always manage to fall intoher lap.
This books is about one of the many mysteries Hannah has solved. The time is around October, fall is taking over the whole town and the preparations for the elections for the new sheriffare just around the corner. Hannah has had a really busy schedule working at the town’s high school and attending “The Cookie Jar”, her bakery. She also has to help her mother with her new “I want tobe young again” phase and has to take care of her niece because her pregnant sister can’t do much now that she is about to have the baby. As we can see Hannah has a lot on her plate right now and can’tafford to worry about solving any mysteries right now. It all seems to be going great with the elections, her sister’s pregnancy and her joggling her class at the high school and her bakery; and ontop of that her brother in law is running for sheriff and is dong great, he is ahead in the polls.
One day after her cooking class Hannah receives the visit from the old sheriff. They talk about theelections and the fact that it has really turned him down the fact that he is about to loose the job he has had all of his life. Hannah feels really bad for him, but at the same time she can ‘t helpbeing happy for her sister’s husband. She comforts him and to make him feel better she gives him one of her famous fudge cupcakes. He leaves and Hannah continues with her class. Once her class isover, she takes out the trash. Just as she is throwing the bags out she spots something weird behind the dumpsters. She goes around to see what it is, to her surprise it is the Sheriff Grant’s body deathon the floor. To make matters worse he still has a bit of her fudge on his shirt and lips. Hannah really freaks out and calls the police.
The investigations starts and of course suspect number...
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